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Beef Rib on Controller 3138

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Notes from the pitmaster:

Trimmed off the hard fat on the top and removed some silver skin based on advice from

Rubbed rib with kosher salt and course grain pepper. I used two oak chunks.

Ribs went on at 2:02.


nice and tender throughout. Wrapped in al foil and then wrapped again with a towel to rest. Cook ended at 5:10. 


Some me websites said you couldn't go by tempature but it will likely be around 200 when it is done. Mine probably got up to 170. It felt tender when I finished. Rested it for about 30 minutes. Came out and it was so tough I had to use a steak knife. It was tasty, but you could tell a lot of the fat had not rendered. Must try again!


i used a little too much smoke  next time one chunk instead of two.


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